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Christina Noble – Vietnam and Mongolia

I had the privilege to meet Christina Noble during my second visit to Ho Chi Min city in Vietnam a few years ago.   I first came across her book “Bridge across my sorrows” in a serendipitous way some years earlier and I felt inspired by her story.  Having experienced extreme poverty as a child in her native Ireland and being separated from her siblings after her mothers death because her father could not cope, gave Christina a tough start in life . But she kept seeing a dream of going to Vietnam and after many events in her life, as a mature woman, she decided to follow her dream and when she came across the sordid reality of street children, she found her true call, helping them and in some cases their families, to get a better life.  Her foundation, or CNCF as it is known, helps now many children and poor families both in Vietnam and Mongolia and her story as a past street child herself, is inspiring and moving.  She is one of the few people who are making this world a better place than it would be without them in it.  I encourage you to visit her foundation’s webpage and see for yourself.

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Mercedes Lopez-Tomlinson

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About us

Trotamundas started in 2004 by Mercedes Lopez-Tomlinson, who has lived and worked in several countries such as Vanuatu, Guyana, Italy, London and Barcelona.  She has also traveled around the world several times.  She published a website called for a few years to rescue the memory and travels of amazing women who went to see the world when it still was unusual and daring for a woman to do so.  In 2007 she decided to launch the publishing company Trotamundas press  which publishes the books of those amazing women and continues to grow.

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